4th International Conference on the Long and the Short of Non-Coding RNAs

Preliminary Program

June 11

Conference Registration


6:00 - 8:00 PM

Welcome Dinner


8:00 - 10:30 PM

June 12



7:30 AM

Session I

ncRNAs throughout evolution

8:30 AM

Cecilia Arraiano

Ribonucleases and control of non-coding RNAs


Lin He

Efficient Generation of Knockin Mice by CRISPR RNP Electroporation


Nikolaus Rajewsky

Single-cell RNA analysis in space and time


Zissimos Mourelatos

piRNP function in flies and mammals


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing


11:00 AM

Session II 

short RNA biogenesis and regulation

12:00 PM

David Bartel



Francesco Nicassio

Killing miR-softly: new clues to target dependent miRNA degradation


Joshua Mendell

New mechanisms regulating microRNA expression and activity


Andrea Ventura

Regulation of miRNA function in mice


Donal O'Carroll

Mechanistic insights into piRNA-directed DNA methylation


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2:00 PM

Dinner and Informal Discussions

7:30 PM

June 13



7:30 AM

Session III

short RNAs in development & disease

8:30 AM

Myriam Gorospe

An AUF1 circRNP modulating cell proliferation


Amy Pasquinelli

Less Stress with Non-Coding RNAs


Martine Simonelig

The unexpected role for piRNAs in degenerative disease


Irene Bozzoni

Role of circRNA in neuromuscular diseases


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing


11:00 AM

Session IV

mRNA metabolism

12:00 PM

Rob Bradley

RNA mis-processing in disease


Olga Anczukȯw

Misregulation of splicing factors in breast cancer


Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko

Alternative splicing in pediatric leukemia: implications for therapy


Chuan He

Transcriptional regulation through m6A methylation of regulatory RNA


Rachel Green

Ribosome collisions function as a trigger for cell fate decisions


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2:00 PM

Dinner and Informal Discussions

7:30 PM

June 14



7:30 AM

Session V

mRNA metabolism 2

8:30 AM

Javier Caceres

RNA quality control at the Endoplasmic reticulum


Lynne Maquat

Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay is misregulated in FMRP deficiency


Stefan Ameres

Time-resolved transcriptomics unveils gene expression dynamics in zebrafish


Alena Shkumatava

In-cell identification and measurement of RNA-protein interactions


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing


11:00 AM

Session VI

Presentations by Youth Travel Fund (YTF) awardess

11:30 AM

Talks will be selected from proffered abstracts


Lunch and Networking


2:00 PM

City Tour


3:00 PM

Dinner and Informal Discussions 

7:30 PM

June 15



7:30 AM

Session VII

lncRNAs in development & disease

8:30 AM

Richard Gregory

RNA regulation in stem cells and cancer


Iannis Aifantis

Regulation of stem cell differentiation and transformation by RNA-binding proteins


Jun-An Chen

LncRNA Meg3 mediates dynamic epigenetic landscape in neural development


Howard Chang

Genome regulation by long noncoding RNAs


Coffee Break / Poster Viewing


11:00 AM

Session VIII

RNA therapeutics

12:00 PM

Frank Slack

Toward personalized microRNA therapeutics in cancer


Judy Lieberman

Tumor-targeted gene knockdown for cancer immunotherapy


Adrian Krainer

mRNA metabolism and antisense therapeutics


Dan Peer

A Modular platform for RNA Therapeutics


Martin Maier

Recent advances in RNAi therapeutics


Lunch and Networking


2:00 PM

Farewell Dinner


7:30 PM

June 16



7:30 AM



12:00 PM